The Pima County, Arizona Sheriff’s department has released a series of reports detailing all the contact that the agency they had with Jared Loughner, Saturday’s shooting suspect, as well as his family.

In one report, Loughner reportedly drank about 350 millimeters of Vodka at school in 2006 and had to be rushed to the hospital emergency room. According to this report, Lougher told a police officer that he did this because his father yelled at him earlier. Shortly following his transportation to the hospital, his parents arrived and were informed that Jared was under arrest for consuming alcohol. In this case, Jared Lougher was arrested as a Juvenile.

In another report released by the county Sheriff, Jared Loughner was arrested and cited for the possession of drug paraphernalia and controlled substances in a Dodge Caravan minivan which the department considered suspicious. According to this specific report, the substances Lougher possesed were a “glass marijuana pipe w/residue,” a “marijuana roach,” a “multi-colored marijuana pipe,” and “packages of zig-zag rolling.” When asked by a deputy what he uses zig zags for, Loughner stated he uses them for “smoking marijuana and rolling joints.” Loughner was cited and released.

Other than these run-in’s with law enforcement, the Loughner family had little contact with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. The family’s most recently contact with the department was in regards to a “Good Morning America” truck parked near their property and reporting to a deputy that individuals were taking photos over the back fence of the Loughner family property and trying to enter the property’s side gate.

In addition, Randy Lougher, who is the suspect’s father, had been in contact with the Pima County Sheriff’s department for reportedly having rocks thrown at his Chevy Nova in March of 2008 and a report of reckless driving in 1994. He also contacted the Sheriff in November 2002 because of a window of his Chevy truck being “smashed out.”

Jared Loughner’s mother, Amy, had contact with the Sheriff’s department as well. In March of 2008, Ms. Loughner telephoned the Sheriff’s department and informed a deputy that the expiration tab was stolen off of her Chevrolet’s license plate.

View the documents for yourself here:

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01-10-2011 (2)



We will have more information and update this post as news develops…

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